Mid year already, can you believe it. We can’t, this year is just flying by.


The focus for us the last few weeks is getting our walls looking a bit fuller. It’s been looking a little bare lately so we have been working on restocking it. We now have some custom illustrations done by our fearless leader, Josh, along with some more vintage posters and an original airbrushed painting of Louis Armstrong.


There are more additions to come over the next wee while so keep an eye out for the new bits and pieces. We will hopefully be giving the table out the front a birthday as well soon.


We have been getting more shaves over the last few weeks as well so be sure to book if you want one – Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are best.

We are still running our $25 shave offer on Facebook but it’s very nearly run out of time so grab one quickly! You will find it on the left hand side of the page under our shop information. Also, we are so close to hitting 300 likes on our Facebook page so feel free to help us spread the word and share any posts you like.

Have a lovely long weekend to start the month of June off. Happy Birthday Queenie!

We are well and truly entering the wintery season now. Temperatures have dropped and I’m seeing a lot more hats and jackets just in the last week.


If you haven’t decided to grow a big woolly beard for warmth then maybe you should consider booking in for one of our traditional hot towel shaves to warm up. It’s the kind of thing every man should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Smee’s unusual techniques are not used in our store…however I hope you will be so relaxed under the towel you wouldn’t notice this either.

For our wet shaves we use a Proraso pre-shave product to prep the skin and hair. You then get to relax under a nice hot towel for a few minutes before we brush on some Taylor of Old Bond St shaving cream. We use a straight razor with a new blade for each customer so you get the closest shave possible. Another hot towel is applied for good measure. The shave is finished off with a soothing oil that moisturizes, smells great and prevents ingrown hairs.


If a traditional shave isn’t your thing you could always opt to come and have a warming whiskey on our late night – Thursdays we are open until 6:30 and have beer and whiskey available.


Since there are no public holidays this month, let us know what we should be celebrating this month (other than Mother’s day) on our facebook page. Do you know of any great events this month people should know about?  - www.facebook.com/barbersandmerchants

For all the star wars fans that are excited/dubious/opinionated about the remake being made – May the 4th be with you guys!

Well, April is here already – half over in fact. There have been a lot of changes over the last month or so!


As a lot of you will already know, Paul has sold the shop to Josh Monaghan. Paul is sticking to the Barber industry but heading into an exciting new venture. Meanwhile Josh has become the proud new owner of Barbers and Merchants.

Another new edition


With Paul gone Josh needed a new barber to join the team here. Perfect timing for an old mate of Paul’s to show up ready for work. Karl has been with us for a few weeks now and is enjoying it a lot. He seems to know every second person that walks into the shop, having been in the industry for many years and worked in a number of barbershops around Auckland.


I’m also fairly new here! My name is Emma and I have replaced Teresa, who is now a co-owner of her boyfriends new butcher shop out west. I am enjoying learning the art of the traditional wet shave and we will be doing a whole lot more of them in a few weeks time.


It is also our birthday month in April and this year Barbers and Merchants turns 3 years old. In celebration we are running a Jellybean jar contest. Pop in and see us before the end of April and guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. The closest guess wins their choice of either a 150g jar of d:fi hair product or a shave mug and brush!


If you haven’t “liked” us already then come and “like” our facebook page to keep up to date with the shop.

Have a fantastic Easter!

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